My dog and a thunderstorm outside


Beauregard (my lab mix) was terrified during the thunderstorm yesterday. His brother Birdman had hastily retreated to his corner upstairs. Beau was hanging out with me but his eyes were pretty scared looking. This is the iPad drawing app over a photo, cheating I suppose, but a lot of fun.

Invisible Eve 12: Two Views

akeia 1s


Wishing and hoping
won’t erase the results of
drinking and driving

akeia 2s

I wasn’t thinking,
I was doing, doing, not
now:  always thinking

Akeia’s face has many mirrors.  I think each drawing captures some of her; I’m sure I will return to it to find out more.

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Knitted Dolls


allpics s

I’ve been making dolls from my knitted swatches for awhile.  I finished my sixth one last week.  The one pictured above was completed several years ago, but I like the multiple view photo layout my daughter did for me.

eye idol 1s

The original inspiration for these dolls came from eye idols.  Hundreds were found in the Eye Temple in Tell Brak, located in northeastern Syria.  Dated at 3000 BC, they were thought to be offerings to the gods.  The eye is a magical and religious symbol in many cultures:  a window to the soul, a gateway to awakening, offering both protection and enlightenment.

eye doll 1s

The first knitted doll I did was simple, like the eye idols.

peruvian doll s

Another inspiration comes from Peruvian fiber dolls.  The ancient ones were found in graves, and seem to have been created specifically for each burial.  Modern textile artists in the Andes have used ancient textile fragments to recreate dolls in the old style for sale.  I was lucky enough to purchase one in a thrift shop, although at the time I had no idea of its connection to history.

magician front s

I’ve called the doll I finished last week Magician.  It took me a lot longer than I anticipated because I decided the hair and head covering needed beads and sequins.  Lots of beads and sequins.  I like the effect, although it makes the doll a little top-heavy.

magician back s

Homeless in The District


I was in Washington DC this weekend and was sad to see quite a number of homeless people who carried everything around with them. Unlike carrying these possessions in shopping carts, they had wooden platforms loaded up with stuff. I saw this gentleman while leaving this chilly morning. He and all his stuff was wrapped in a blanket and he was asleep on a street corner in Georgetown. The drawing is done from my memory but the pathos of the scene remains in my head. No comment about the ridiculous salaries of the politicos down in DC while people are living on the street like this. Let’s just say it is shameful.

Journal Reflections: 1989/2014 Grief

grief 2014 s

anguish, despair:  how
you say it doesn’t ease the
heartbreak sorrow grief

grief 1989 s

The Ebola virus


As I was doing this little watercolor sketch of the Ebola virus, I was thinking that it even looks very scary, like an evil worm. Patients coming into my husband’s primary practice clinic have been very worried about Ebola. A very conservative doctor we met last night stated that the U.S. borders should be closed immediately and that our government doesn’t know how to handle it. He said one nurse in Texas is taking the fall for this disease starting to show itself in our country.
Ebola is a nasty virus which has been around in sub-Saharan Africa since at least 1976. The normal carrier in nature is believed to be fruit bats, who spread the disease without being affected. No specific treatment for the disease is available yet. Transmission occurs only through direct contact with blood or body fluids.
I hope widespread panic doesn’t ensue in the U.S. but if more cases ensue it probably will. Are you frightened?

Headline Haiku: Imagine


imagine s

Yoko Ono placed an ad in the front section of the NY Times on October 9, John Lennon’s birthday.  He would have been 74.

imagine close up s

It seemed a perfect fit for Planet Earth.

identity death s

For the haiku (inspired by the surrealists and my 1989 Journal), I cut out all the headlines in the newspaper section, eliminated words referring to specific people or places, put them in an envelope, and let serendipity choose.  Only twice did I have to pick another word to get the correct number of syllables for the poem.

yoko s

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is reality.”
–Yoko Ono

Landscape from a photo


Kerfe encouraged me to do a painting over a photo. Using the Art Set app is really fun and I think this looks pretty good.


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