My cute neighbor’s giraffe


My next door neighbors are very cute kids. They asked to see my art studio this morning (which is a mess). The middle son asked to borrow my hot glue gun and a little while later came over to show me what he had made! I offered him some paint but he said he liked it as it was–natural. I am happy that maybe I inspired him with my crazy skulls and stuff made out of wood to make something of his own. Made my day!

Elegy (Memorial Day 2016)

fog 1s

We watched you go: “Come home,” we said,
the moon reflected in your tread,
with our drums and guns, guns and song,
we called you Johnny, marching, gone.

A long time passing filled with dust,
the blood runs wary, turned to rust,
oh hear the bugle, haunting, long,
we called you Johnny, marching, gone.

A secret silence speaks your name,
a faded photo in a frame,
as morning breaks we rise alone,
we called you Johnny, marching, gone.

Behind a blurred and endless view
unrealized, we hardly knew
the road, a vast mirage withdrawn,
we called you Johnny, marching, gone.

The light dissolves and takes its leave
with too much time left still to grieve,
the tears are turning phantom dawn,
we called you Johnny, marching, gone.

A sway of shadows: only trees,
your presence hollow, shaded, creased,
beloved husband, father, son:
we called you Johnny, marching, gone

trees nc beach s

This elegy uses the kyrielle form, Jane Dougherty’s challenge for this week.  Top photo was taken from the bridge part of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, second photo was taken near the Bodie Island lighthouse in Nags Head.  Jane’s inspiration painting and words below.

Лунная ночь. Большая дорога

Moonlight, tread, wary, secret, swaying.

Halley Came to Jackson

My version of a Mary Chapin Carpenter song. ​

Artist Trade!


I fell in love with a painting by my friend Paul Jervis. I offered to buy it but he said he would only trade with me. I love this painting because it reminds me of a Diebenkorn. Paul encouraged me to get some oils which I’m planning on doing this weekend. 

I brought in a bunch of my works on paper for Paul to choose from. He chose one of my paintings from 2011 done with textiles made in Paterson NJ by my grandfather. He liked that the painting had history and I will have it framed for him on my trip to the art store. All in all a great way to start the weekend. 

Abstract (riverbed)


Another small Artist Trading Card (thanks again Claudia). A riverbed is what my husband saw in this one. 

I thought it looked interesting in the other direction. Have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend, dear WP friends. 

Abstract (glass bottle)


At least my husband thought that’s what it looked like. It’s a landscape with no particular meaning. I’m using the ATC (artist trading card) size as inspired by Claudia McGill. It is quite freeing to do small work; this one is about 6″ x 6″ on the back of something else. 

Dogue de Bordeux


A cute and wrinkly dog from The Dogist on Instagram. 

The dog as seen on Insta. 

Goofy Guy


Another small painting with the gear as a focal point. It somehow turned into a little guy with a head of blue hair. 



They are proliferating in my area now despite the colder weather. I find them very perky and happy flowers. 

Another one in a cheery yellow. 

DOODLEWASH REVIEW: Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors, Part I

Featured Image -- 7513

Reblogging because this is so well thought out and researched–for all my fellow watercolorists. Thanks as usual to our dear Charlie.


Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors.  Extra fine- truer words have never been said.  I’m not sure this brand needs much of an introduction. These are artist quality paints. I’ve spent more time looking at Daniel Smith (DS) watercolor swatches than all other art supplies rolled into one.  Their line is so extensive, I wasn’t sure how to begin to tackle this post.  I’ve decided to break it into two posts.  Part one, the Extra Fine line, and part two, the PrimaTek and Luminescent lines.

Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor tubes with a painted mandala stone by Elspeth Mclean Center Stone by Elspeth McLean

Mr. Daniel Smith started the company in the basement of his Seattle, Washington home in 1976. The company is based out of Seattle, they also have a store in Bellevue, WA.

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