Dog on a block of wood


I promised my next door neighbor that I would paint him a dog. This one is painted from a photo of a textile at the Brooklyn Museum. Unfortunately I didn’t note what wonderful culture made this weaving. I will have to go back! Not sure if my young neighbor will see the canine in this piece–my husband didn’t. It was a lot of fun to do and I plan to do a few more like this. 

Jack Davis


Kerfe and I fell in love with the graffiti paintings of Jack Davis who blogs here @davisbrotherlylove. He agreed to part with a few and I received mine in the mail today. I plan on hanging these together on a prominent wall. These are beautiful works and I am very excited and happy to own them. Thank you Jack!

At the Table


My daughter was home for a visit. I drew the three of us at the table having dinner. I drew in a cat even though there were in reality two large dogs under the table. Hoping to draw at work today but that doggone phone always interrupts especially on a Friday. Have a great weekend!

Netsuke of Masks

noh mask  humans

Teresa Robeson recently informed us that it’s #Inktober.  I’m not doing ink drawings every day, but I’ll scatter a few in as the month progresses.  This is a netsuke consisting of Noh masks.  Masks also seem appropriate for the month of October.

Ink with colored pencil on top.

The Autumn Wind…

oct 15 grid s

blowing from the west
fallen leaves gather
In the east


To Accompany Kerfe today


My sister Jane wore this necklace every day throughout the 70’s. The expression came from the group Another Mother for Peace (AMP), a grassroots anti-war advocacy group. Sadly it seems nothing has changed; it has accelerated. Still the words are very true. 

Headline Haiku: War Is Not Healthy (for children and other living things)

war is not healthy haiku s

memory fails to
stop enduring grief
face death alone

war is not healthy s

Two weeks ago the New York Times published a chart explaining some of the ways civilians have died in the Syrian War.  A little research online shows that in modern warfare it is estimated that 85-90% of all casualties are civilians (June 2014 American Journal of Public Health).  War also wreaks havoc on the environment, leading to more death.

war is not healthy top s

Some estimates of civilians killed in recent and ongoing conflicts:
Sudan-Darfur  200,000
Iraq  170,000
Syria  200, 000
Congo  60,000
Afghanistan  45,000
Pakistan  35,000
Mexico  50,000
Libya  30,000
Chechnya  100,000
Eritrea-Ethiopia  70,000
Sierra Leone  70,000

war is not healthy poster s

There are not enough tears to encompass all this sorrow.

Collaboration Tuesday – Splinter – Sandburg


The first autumn post in a continuing seasonal series of collaborations with Marcy Erb at Illustrated Poetry. More to come!

Originally posted on Illustrated Poetry:


One of the best parts (if not the best part!) of blogging for me are the collaborations that have emerged from it – and the ongoing illustrated poetry conversation between myself and Ms. Kerfe Roig is one I cherish a great deal. To my delight, it has become more or less a seasonal occurrence and is now a way I mark their changing. Our fall series begins today! Collage by Kerfe Roig of Method Two Madness (click over there for a visit, you’ll be glad you did), poem by Carl Sandburg, composition by me.

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Yes, I’m Smiling

happy outfield s

The Mets’ win-loss record may be worse than the top 3 teams in the NL Central, but who cares?  Anything can happen in the playoffs.

grandy s

I’d also like to note that Curtis Granderson has been a steady presence this season through good times and bad.  He leads the team in hits, OBP, walks, and runs scored, and is in the top ten in the National League in both walks and runs scored.

grandy sliding s

And the man knows the correct way to slide home.

The Sukkah


I helped my next door neighbors decorate the sukkah yesterday. I had some posters done for a store window that we repurposed as decorations. The kids painted on them and on the big acorn we hot glued little acorns as we are surrounded by oaks. The sukkah is a four walled structure with a roof open to the stars. The family will take meals in there for the holiday Sukkos. 

My main helper was Daniel, the middle son. He took this picture of me contemplating the setup.  

Here is a close up of the acorns. We really had fun collecting the acorns and hot gluing them on to the big daddy acorn.  

A fun day. Happy Sukkos!


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