Magnetic Poetry Saturday: Do Magic


Nina and I came up with this collaborative verse from the magnetic poetry oracle almost instantly, and then our artwork, done separately, also fit together perfectly.  Magic! (with a little help from Photoshop)

devour fire
drink fever
dance  fly
do magic


Happy Saturday!

#Water is Life


Eyes of the river–
guard this land, hold and shelter
our roots, seeds, our life

Forgive us these lost minds, blind,
afraid, estranged—bring them home

A tanka for Colleen’s challenge #11, that also incorporates this week’s words from the secret keeper.

The President-elect’s environmental policies are troubling.


Turkey Vulture


Not the prettiest bird but he gets the job done. 

Hawk/Dove (Draw a Bird Day)


Messenger of souls–
swift raptor or calming breath?
The inner eye, seeking–
waiting for visions combined–
wings replacing fear with hope.

In myth and story, and as symbol, both hawks and doves serve as messengers from the spirit world.

Self-Portrait #17: block print after Vanessa Bell


I’ve been wanting to do some printing, and since Vanessa Bell, my current artist reference in “100 Self Portraits”, did woodcuts as illustrations for many of her sister Virginia Woolf’s books, I had the perfect excuse.  I used one of the prints that I embellished with paint and embroidery for “Straw Hat”, but here’s the original print in two versions with the print from Bell that I used as a reference.


Of course, I can never leave well enough alone.  So I painted, embroidered, and collaged on some of the prints I made.


I also have another embroidery idea that I haven’t had time to do yet.  It’s on the list.

You can see all of the self-portraits in this series here.



I wanted to use every color available on the ArtSet app for iPad and it was fun. After I finished and snapped a screen shot I used the app where you can smush the paint. I almost like the second (smushed) one better. 

This app is really fun. Highly recommend it. 



I’ve been trying to do a few drawings a day on the iPad Art Set app. I think I’m maybe starting to get a little better at it. I usually use the paint application and then the thickest pencil they have. It’s really a lot of fun. 

Postcard Fiction: Sun Dial









Jane Dougherty’s photo prompt this week definitely made me think there was magic in the air…






Hema Boy


The Hema tribe consists of about 160,000 members in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. I found the picture of the boy wearing a fur hat in a random magazine. 

I’m struck by his beautiful eyes and the fur hat adorned with feathers. The hat looks like something off the runway. Here is the iPad version. 

And here is the photo of this wonderful boy. 

Lost Voices 2


Places Filled (for Sharon Jones)

It hurts. There’s
something just beyond.
Slow it down.
I’m still here.
Got to be the way it is.
I’m not gonna cry.


Going home.
I learned the hard way.
Sing and be
endless sky.
You’ve got to believe.  Freedom
come.  Come sing me home.

 Words taken from the legacy of the music of Sharon Jones