Posting, as Nina did with her painting, the progression of an idea, was also in my mind.

My current collage project involves talismans.  The inspiration comes from Ethiopian healing and iconic art where eyes are prominent.  Body parts have world-wide use in amulets (see Mexican Milagros, Italian ex-votos, hand of Fatima from the Middle East).  Eyes, mouths, hands, and other magazine cuttings of body parts figure prominently in many of my collages, so it seemed a natural fit.



Some of my interpretations are very literal, like #3, the one I did for Nina.  Some, like #9, the one I just finished, take the idea and travel in their own direction.

Many Ethiopian scrolls for healing are life-size, the size of the patient for whom they are intended.  Very appealing to me, as I like to work large, but impractical for collage, which would be difficult to successfully roll up.  My talisman collages are quite small.  But drawn or painted or stitched–I could see using a scroll format sometime in the future.

art that heals

A wonderful reference that I’ve used is Jacques Mercier’s “Art that Heals”.  The copy that I’ve borrowed several times from the library smells deliciously of incense, adding to its magic.

We bring ourselves to their creations; the mirror that is the talisman shows us that which we need to see. (from my review on Goodreads, see the full text here:)


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3 responses to “Talismans”

  1. memadtwo says :

    Oh Kerfe, that is very complex and highly evolved. I love it.


  2. memadtwo says :

    That is a very sophisticated post. I didn’t see the whole thing when I commented on the top collage. You’ll have to tell me how to do images with writing in between. Let’s face it, you’re younger and higher tech that I, dear Kerfe!


  3. memadtwo says :

    I don’t know why my comments from yesterday never showed up…
    in any case, here’s what I discovered through trial and error.
    Put the text in first. Then put the cursor where you want the picture and enter once or twice. Put the cursor up in the empty space created between the different texts and import the drawing. Then do again in the next area of text where you want to put something. I can’t figure out how to put side by side pictures, although I’m sure there must be a way. Also, discovered through trial and error, save the draft after you enter all the text so you don’t lose it and have to do it all over again.


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