Beach I Ching

9  Hsiao Ch'u The Taming Power of the Small (Moderation)

9 Hsiao Ch’u
The Taming Power of the Small (Moderation)

“This relation of mutual reinforcement leads to a true wealth that is all the more apparent because it is not selfishly hoarded but is shared with friends.  Pleasure shared is pleasure doubled.” (from the Wilhelm translation)

I was just fooling around with the shells and wood, arranging them in different ways, and suddenly it looked like a hexagram.  This is totally the way I generally operate in all of life; I start out going north and end up somehow in the southwest.   So.  I randomly arranged and photographed my beach I Ching for some time.

I don’t know enough about the I Ching to have recognized the meaning of what I was making.  But I do own 3 versions of the I Ching, including the classic Wilhelm translation that I’ve probably had for 40 years.  Home again, books out, to decode the first one.  I found the words very appropriate to what Nina and are doing with our blog.  I’ll sprinkle more of them in occasionally in future posts.

the power of the small s

And of course the words and descriptions of the hexagram made me want to do a collage–OK, nearly everything makes me want to do a collage–so I did, and I’ve included it too.

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4 responses to “Beach I Ching”

  1. helenazw says :

    Wonderful and elegant. As for the home page, it is total genius. Don’t even know how you did that. Keep up the great work.


  2. Mary Michelle Scott says :

    Such serenity in these Beach I Ching posts. I love it 🙂


  3. memadtwo says :

    Thanks, I’ve got quite a few more to get through…hopefully enough to last me until the next trip to the beach in 2015.


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