elephants 2s

I saw a book in the library about endangered species, and took it out, because I thought the photos would be interesting references for artwork.  The first animal in the book is the elephant.  I know all about poaching ivory, and how elephants are killed just for their tusks, but it didn’t really register that they are endangered.  Think of a world without elephants.  As I ask myself everyday, what is wrong with people?  what’s the matter with us that we don’t value and take care of living things, the place where we live?

So this is my first attempt to paint in a long time.  I did a rough sketch, and worked over it with water colors, actually dyes that I had left from a short stint doing printed textiles years and years ago.  Not my favorite or best medium, but easy set up and clean up since I don’t have a place to dedicate to painting right now.  And something I have and can use, being a person who hates to waste anything like that.  Some of the colors have “turned” and become totally different from their original shade, but that’s OK too.

It certainly doesn’t resemble much the painting I used to do–I think I was trying to draw with the paint, and paint requires a different approach.  But it’s a start, and I’ll continue on and see what happens next.

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One response to “Elephants”

  1. helenazw says :

    Very nice work. Keep it up


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