I Was Born

i was born comp

I wanted to talk about my collage that melts into Nina’s painting on the Home page of this blog.  When Nina sent me a photo of her painting, I was startled:  it was so close to a vivid dream I had just had that she might have been painting directly from my mind.  So I definitely thought we should use it on our Home page, and it seemed to fit with a collage I had done that I titled “I Was Born”.

This is another of my comments on an artist’s work, the artist here being Yayoi Kusama.  I knew the book I had worked from, but didn’t remember the name of the painting, so I took the book out of the library again, along with another about Kusama.  Turns out the watercolor I referred to doesn’t have a title, but it still looks inspirational to me.

I added embroidery to this collage, which I thought was appropriate to the quality of Kusama’s lines.  Which will make me digress again (always layers of thought with me).

I began stitching on paper after taking an embroidery class at the Textile Arts Center in Manhattan taught by Joetta Maue.  Joetta did teach us a few different stitches–I already knew and used chain stitch and blanket stitch–but mostly what I learned from her class was to expand my ideas of what stitching could mean and where it could go.  I had never considered embroidering on paper, but it certainly works well with collage.  For one class project I also did embroidery on a plastic bag; looking at it now, it seems to work so well beside Kusama’s painting that I feel I must try another one soon.

fish and milky way

Yayoi Kusama was a child in Japan during World War II; she came to the United States in the 1950’s and then returned to Japan in the 1970’s.  She has suffered from hallucinatory visions since childhood, and voluntarily lives in a psychiatric hospital in Japan, with a studio for working nearby.  Her art can be seen as a way to keep her inner and outer selves from losing their hold on the world.  She has always worked obsessively, sometimes doing 50+ watercolors in one day: “I make them and make them and keep on making them, until I bury myself in the process.”

I especially love not only her watercolors but also the Joseph Cornell-inspired painting/collages.  This one reminds me of Nina’s work.

flowers and self-portrait s

my reviews on Goodreads:

Joetta Maue’s blog:  http://littleyellowbirds.blogspot.com/

Textile Arts Center:  http://www.textileartscenter.com/

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One response to “I Was Born”

  1. helenazw says :

    Lovely post and excellent work. Funny, I’ve been thinking of doing some stitching or beading on paper. An artist I knew in Montclair did a lot of that and told me it was like a meditation. Have a great day!


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