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I’ve always liked to draw faces.  These are painted, but really more like drawing-with-a-paintbrush, which I like to do too.

Over the past 30 years or so I’ve been trying to get back to doing art on a regular basis.  I found this woman in a sketch book that reflects the stops and starts:  I would hopefully write down the year and begin and then lose the thread.
1989  7 pages done in various media
1992  4 pages, mostly drawn with brush as this one is
2010  4 drawings

And now in 2014, so far I’ve done 9 drawings.  My goal is to fill the sketchbook this time, before 2015 rolls around.

I did the painting of the man above last week, and I think it complements the woman from 1992.

And I like to draw hands too.


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