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Mr. Padre

mr padre

He played the game right,
they said; his swing was sweet, but
his smile was sweeter.

Baby raccoon skull with wisdom teeth

My friends know that I harvest skulls from road kill or in this case, an animal killed by the family dog. This raccoon was so young it didn’t have teeth yet. I plan to make a little piece using the skull, the teeth and some other elements. This way I feel the animal hasn’t died in vain.

Jane’s cup

A funny little cup I made for my sister. She had long brown hair and the figure on the cup is her! This piece makes me want to work in three dimensions again.



Only a few thousand Azraq killifish remain in the wetland in Jordan.  Scientists are working to restore the natural habitats in order to save the species.  My painting is deceptively large; they are actually 1-2″ long.

Isabelle Collin Dufresne (1935-2014)

ultra violet s

Ultra Violet:
we traveled with you, saw too
that neon vision


Cat on a woven background

I like to paint woven pictures and this one is sort of clunky–an exercise if you will. I cut up a cat and placed it on the picture plane. It looks like a little kid did it.

Shell Masks

shell masks


Here’s something else I did with the shells I collected at the beach.

Other Masks

i am me s

me I am, me, not
me formed by your hands to be
some personal dream

There was a great photo essay in the Times a few weeks ago about a drag competition; that’s where my post “Mask 2” came from.  But it got me thinking:  aren’t we always–with our clothing and make up and jewelry and tattoos and language and avatars and (…)–in drag?

A textile design

I’m working on something new to post but since Kerfe and I sometimes mention our days as textile designers, I’m posting an old design. I never really got the idea of the repeat–too mathematical, but you can see here where it repeats. Technique was dye on wax paper.


manatee s

The entire Amazon Basin ecosystem is endangered, including manatees.