Big Cats

amur leopard s

Poaching and habitat loss have reduced the number of Amur Leopards to less than 50 in the wild. Native to far eastern Russia and the North Korea and Chinese border, they are extremely endangered.

siberian tiger s

There are only 350-400 Siberian Tigers left in the same area of the world. Again, illegal wild game poaching (the Times recently had an article about rich Chinese eating tigers after watching their deaths as a way to show off their wealth) and habitat destruction have reduced the tiger population to dangerous levels.

south china tiger s

The South China tiger may be extinct in the wild; there are about 100 in captivity.

Other endangered big cats include the cheetah, Eurasian lynx, Florida panther, lion, snow leopard and Sumatran tiger.  The only way to save these beautiful creatures is to change the behavior and ideas of local communities.

I have been using the book “Going Going Gone:  100 Animals and Plants on the Verge of Extinction” ( as reference for my endangered species paintings.

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3 responses to “Big Cats”

  1. helenazw says :

    Crazy. We were watching a NatGeo show and I was thinking I have to paint a lion or tiger face…you read my mind! And these are great.


  2. memadtwo says :

    K: I know it’s really frightening how immediate the extinction could be…they do have such great faces.


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