Shawoman Mask

shawoman mask s

This is a large stitched collage mask I did last year.  Embroidering on paper is not as easy to control as embroidering on fabric, and I like the somewhat random feel of the stitches.  Also stitching a collage together is much more time consuming than using glue, but it definitely gives an extra dimension to the piece.

shawoman close up s

In the close up, you can really see how the embroidery works to both anchor the paper and give texture.

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2 responses to “Shawoman Mask”

  1. memadtwo says :

    For some reason I can leave comments from the office computer but not the iPads. Go figure. Anyway, this one is inspiring me to try doing some stitching, been thinking about it for a while. Maybe put some of my grandpa’s fabric on a frame and sew stuff to it. It really is true that creativity breeds creativity.


  2. memadtwo says :

    K: sounds like a great idea! and yes, this is so good for us. It’s like I have a job, to do things for the blog, so I do!


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