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birds got to have

Nina’s post fit right into my weekend…I was down near the American Folk Art Museum space, a small one near Lincoln Center (they lost their beautiful museum due to financial problems, but still have their collections, luckily), and decided to take a look around at the current exhibit, “Self-Taught Genius”.  A couple of my favorite items reminded me of Nina’s found object sculptures.  The one above, Thornton Dial Sr.’s “Birds Got to have Somewhere to Roost”, is made from painted wood, carpet scraps, corrugated tin, burlap, and nails.  Nina’s “Some Folks Watch TV” and “Birchbark Sculpture” are certainly cousins.

fever withinfever within close up

I was especially taken with Ronald Lockett’s “Fever Within”, which is so reminiscent of Nina’s “Nail Sculpture”.  Nina you are a true folk artist!


Another favorite was the wooden phrenological head by Asa Ames.  I have a lot of thoughts about places to go with that!  In the meantime, you can see the whole exhibit online if you don’t happen to be in NYC:

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2 responses to “Folk Artist”

  1. memadtwo says :

    Why, thanks…maybe that is my gestalt after all that art school and stuff. I always was a natural (and that’s not humble bragging)–I was born to do art.


  2. memadtwo says :

    Looking through all your posts was great (when I was looking for the nail sculpture), because you can see that you have a strong and consistent vision. So however you choose to express it, it fits together. You should do more with the nails.


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