Levitated Dance

3 legged buddha s

earth holds words, no sounds
to filter into grey skies:
levitated dance

no words s

The Times had an article about outdoor sculpture in the area, and one of the featured photos was of Zhang Huan’s “Three Legged Buddha” at Storm King Art Center, which is located about an hour upstate near Newburgh, NY.  I was quite taken by many things about it, and did a sketch and haiku in my “in the news” sketchbook.  My haikus are pretty spontaneous, just an immediate reaction to what I see and have drawn.  But this work also inspired me to do a collage.  As is often the case, doing the collage made me see other dimensions to my words; now I understand better what I was saying.

If you go to the Storm King website, you can see other works by Zhang Huan and also his preparatory sketches for “Three Legged Buddha”.  It was fun to compare them to what I had drawn.  The other works are pretty interesting too.



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One response to “Levitated Dance”

  1. memadtwo says :

    Love the geometric quality of the drawing and how he’s dancing on his head! Nice collage also.


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