Faces 3

bright girl 2s

I’ve been a bit at loose ends this week, but I did pull out the gouache and make some painting attempts.  A couple tubes were dried out (I haven’t used them in…15 years?) but most of the ones I tried were usable.  Above is my second attempt, which reminds me a lot of Karel Appel, below.

appel comp

Gouache is kind of in-between watercolor and acrylic, and I’m going to have to get used to it again.  I wanted to pile it on like I used to do with acrylic (and I do want to get back to that, one thing at a time…), but I found out right away that I needed a different approach.  Still, a start, and the results are interesting if nothing else.

bright girl 1s

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One response to “Faces 3”

  1. memadtwo says :

    I hate when the gouache dries up! I remember mixing larger quantities of a color at F.I.T.–gouache is a great medium to do specific colors in. We would get these fishing tackle round plastic boxes and they would be full of color. Good times.


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