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Japanese Crane

crane 2s

The red-crowned crane is the world’s tallest flying bird, not only beautiful, but symbolic of longevity, good fortune, healing and hope.

crane 5s

Only 2500 remain in the wild.  Loss of habitat, pollution, and collisions with utility lines are among the causes of the species’ decline.

crane 1s

The story of 12 year old Sadako Sasaki’s attempt to make 1000 origami cranes, after falling ill with radiation sickness caused by the Hiroshima bombing, has also made the bird a symbol of the wish for nuclear disarmament and world peace.

crane 3s

crane 4s

Botanical painting

Gouache, ink, watercolor with gouache resist technique. The strip down the middle is a strip of paper. Unsigned and undated but I know I did it because it is totally my style.

What She Carried

what she carried 2s

Forget, disappear:
No.  I will not pretend.  Help
me carry this weight.

Emma Sulkowicz is carrying a mattress with her everywhere she goes on the grounds of Columbia University as a protest against sexual assault on campus.  For all who have carried the same shame and fear in silence.

War: homage to Kerfe’s series

Another iPad drawing. Kerfe’s pieces moved me to try one of my own. This is dark and a bit difficult to see but it’s my version. War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

Red Apple Rest

Every Jerseyite knows the Red Apple Rest, which was a great stopping place on Route 17 at the border of NJ and NYC. Today it stands in ruins. This is a photo that I painted over to give it that impressionistic look, on the iPad app.


saturnalia Saturnalia is a mask made from a knit swatch that has been manipulated and stitched with embroidery floss.saturnalia detail For over 20 years I made knit sample swatches for a series of reps to sell to manufacturers in the fashion industry.  Of course, not every swatch would sell, so the reps would return them, and I’ve used them to make many things.  This is my first swatch mask; I sculpted and stitched it directly onto the canvas.  As with many of my textile projects, it’s a long process, and the second one I expect will also take many months.  One of the advantages of working slowly is that things evolve, often in unexpected forms.  I like that.


silence s

Silence:  what we say
when fear turns us in, away,
truth behind shadows

Two innocents sleeping in the landscape

Done an astounding 37 years ago, this piece is a good example of art being a personal journal. I did this around the time I met Kerfe, more or less. I still like to put a lot of detail into paintings and in this you can see fish, a sleeping moon and stars, and the two oddly shaped figures. I don’t know what I was thinking, like all art, this just came out of the ether. I may try another version of it. Happy New Year to my fellow members of the tribe.

Emily Dickinson too

emily dickinson 1s

emily dickinson 2s

emily dickinson 3s

After calling on the shoes, I visited Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party at the Brooklyn Museum.  This is Emily Dickinson’s place setting.