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A large pattern derived from smaller pieces

Another color copier effort. In effect I’ve created a textile design but with no repeat. This is going to be measured off and some will be mounted on a greeting card for my semi-ironic, going back to the ole cards which actually were good. With the ability to copy and repeat I may come up with some good abstractions out of these.

Buddha on Broadway

buddha bway 1


broadway buddha s

Also seen on Broadway this weekend:

people's march s

Greeting cards

I’ve always done greeting cards. I used to do ones from photos people would give me and do a little artwork with it. Now it’s all digital…which means I can now do good copies of my own work for use as greeting cards. The two odd ones shown were just two of many designs. I do intend to paint these in actual paint and then see what kind of copies I’d get. This would allow me, if one were really special, to reserve some.
Not to be avaricious but I’d like to sell some of these cards. Will talk to my two places, maybe do some good holiday cards. I still have the good acetate card holders.
Now I just need to get to work.


cesar 2s


I’m on the Notify NYC email list.  They send out “Silver Alerts”:  these are elderly people, usually with dementia, who have gone missing.

The photos attached, obviously unprofessional, often unfocused, probably taken by family or friends, made me think.  Older people, particularly those with dementia, are hidden and invisible to most of us.  We don’t see them; we don’t want to see them.

I hope they will not continue to be lost:  they will be seen.  They will be found.

Fooling around with a color printer and iPad

Call me a Luddite but this is the first time I’ve had printing capability from the iPad. I took a design I was working on, printed it and then used it as the background for a photo I’ve been wanting to do something with. It is super fun to print stuff and I expect it to expand my creativity.


mercy s

innocent:  waiting
so long to hear truth spoken.
tears and sweet release.


Digital drawing of my lying down dog. The perspective is strange because I was looking down at Bird. Birdy turned six today and he is a good ole dog.

Fashion 103

velour stripe s

Nina already posted some graphs from Fair-tex Mills, the garment center business where we met when we both worked there in the design department.  Despite her attribution to me of higher status, we both had the same boss, who had started out as a print designer and wanted to introduce a line of prints on knits to the knitting mill.  That’s why she hired Nina.  I was there to do knit patterns.

plaid 2s

Like Texfi, Fair-tex did plenty of double knits, and I found some plaid graphs in my files.  But fashion t-shirts were beginning to have an impact, and they not only had single knit machinery, but machines to produce velour.  That’s the image at the beginning of this post.

knitted stripe s

Stripes, stripes, stripes.

paste-ups s

That’s what I was really mostly doing.  Remember, no computers back then in the 1970’s, so I did “paste-ups” of different color combinations and stripe arrangements, both for the line as special requests from customers.

pantone paste up

No one would ever call me detail-oriented, yet I cut out thin rows of knitted color and placed them painstakingly on masking tape to produce what looked like a knitted stripe.  Over and over and over.  If we didn’t have a knit-down of the correct color, I matched it as closely as possible to Pantone Paper, and cut and pasted that.

Well, I was younger then…and I’ve always loved working with color.  And I met Nina!  Here we still are, 35 years down the road.

serape stripe scarf

And I’m still designing knitted stripes.



Remains of the Day

This is the cover of the NY Times Magazine section dated September 23, 2001. I have a large collection of ephemera from that awful day. The blue lights were designed by John Bennett and Gustavo Bonevardi of the Municipal Art Society of NY. If I walk around the corner, I can see the NY skyline, and seeing these blue lights for the first time was a moving experience. I am happy they decided to do it every year as I find it a great piece of conceptual art. Today I will reflect on how lucky I am to be an American. We have a tough road ahead of us but we will persevere.