Matisse Again: Color and Form

matisse spiral s

red letter day: red
alert, red hot, red carpet.
paint the town red red

I bought a postcard at the MOMA Matisse show that I liked because of its colors and exuberance.  I wanted to use it as inspiration for something, but a collage from a collage is always problematic for me.

matisse postcard s

out of the blue, wild
blue yonder:  once in a blue
moon, talk a blue streak

One of the videos in the show showed Matisse at work:  he just picked up a piece of paper and started cutting.  I loved that spontaneity.  But I didn’t want to cut the same shapes.  I collected some bright colors from my collage stash, and decided to fold them and cut, as in the snowflakes we all made as children.  But I didn’t really fold or cut them to be snowflakes; just fold, cut and see what happens.  I tried different layouts, first in a similar way to Matisse, but I ended up liking the spiral best.

paper cutting 2s

And I realized it really reminded me more of Mexican Paper Cut Banners, Papel Picado.  My own hybrid:  Mexico/Matisse.

little green apples.
little green men.  the grass is
always greener.

And I had fun with the color idiom haikus.

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5 responses to “Matisse Again: Color and Form”

  1. memadtwo says :

    Absolutely original and great. You should do a lot more of these. Love the whole posting.


  2. dunelight says :

    I get my days where I just love those big color forms. I love to shoot things like that but they are rare to find in your environment.


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