Halloween Countdown: Trinity Cemetery

gravestones 6s

Sunday I attended a tour of Trinity Cemetery sponsored by the Municipal Art Society of New York.  I often walk by the church and grounds, and I’ve always wanted to go inside and wander around.

gravestones 10s

gravestones 4s

The tour was led by Eric K. Washington, a local historian and writer.  He knows how to tell a good story that includes both gossip and historical fact.  He even has illustrations to show on his iPad.  We wandered through the grounds for several hours, stopping a number of times to listen to Eric talk about particular people and graves.

gravestones 14s

gravestones 12s

The Uptown Trinity Church Cemetery is the only active cemetery in Manhattan.  Ed Koch is buried here, as well as dancer Geoffrey Holder, whom I spoke about in my post on October 14.  (https://methodtwomadness.wordpress.com/2014/10/14/dancing-is-the-poetry-of-the-foot/)

new grave s

Other notable residents include artist John James Audubon, poet Clement Moore, author Ralph Ellison, circus performer Richard Sands, Eliza Jumel, Dr. David Hosack, Sisters Mercedes de Acosta and Rita de Acosta Lydig, and John Jacob and many other Astors, including Buddy Astor the family dog.  All worth a google!

audubon 2s

jumel s

astor 2s

It was a beautiful fall day, and the grounds are fertile for photography.  Stories, both obvious and hidden, lie in wait everywhere.

gravestones 8s

gravetones 3s


gravestones 5s

As the cemetery is located on one of the highest points in Manhattan, there is a nice view of the Hudson River, New Jersey, and the George Washington Bridge.

gwb s






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4 responses to “Halloween Countdown: Trinity Cemetery”

  1. memadtwo says :

    Wonderful post, I enjoyed it a lot. I love cemetaries. I’ve surprised myself by how much I go to visit my sister (I’m due for another visit). This cemetery in your post is a lot more interesting but there are some nice old stones with Jewish stars on them at Cedar Park, where my parents and sister are.


  2. erikeith says :

    Thanks again for participating, and for your wonderfully illustrated blog. Please allow me to add that the Uptown Fine Art Printing Studio was also a co-sponsor of this walk. Look forward to seeing you on another walk in the future.


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