Inspiration Nick Cave: Transformation and Disguise


dancer transformed

“I hope we will dream together.”

pink soundsuit s

Nick Cave’s soundsuits are bombardments of recycled texture, color, pattern, and form. They are both sculpture and costume for choreographed movement. Covering the entire body, they disguise, protect, transform. They ask “Who am I?’ and also “Who can I be?” They challenge the way we look at each other and the world.

sweater soundsuit s

My swatch dolls (  and embroidered dolls ( clearly owe a debt to Nick Cave’s recycled riots of textiles, stitching, found objects, and embellishment.  A focus on dance provides a different inspiration: to search for the body underneath the soundsuit and expose it partially, transparently.  The results, as usual, give me more ideas…

bird soundsuit s

“Life brings us things.”

Quotes from Nick Cave in “Meet Me at the Center of the Earth”.

Explore more:
or just Google “Nick Cave soundsuits”

(Note: This is NOT the equally wonderful Nick Cave who writes and makes music)

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One response to “Inspiration Nick Cave: Transformation and Disguise”

  1. memadtwo says :

    Beautiful, one of your best posts and I love your little dancer on top!


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