reticulation #3 close up m2m

I had a vision of hundreds of spider webs sewn together in a grand patchwork…but as a practical matter, one at a time.  Just finished:  reticulation #3.

reticulation #3 m2m

Spider webs are endlessly fascinating to me.  There are websites that show the path taken by spiders to construct their webs, and each has its own quirks and variations on the basic structure.  A spider’s web is both strong and fragile, visible or invisible depending on reflection and point of view.

reticulation #1 close up m2m

I like to take the same subject or idea and explore it sequentially over time.  I started “reticulation #1” a few years ago, then started #2 before completely finishing #1.  I did, undid, redid, undid and redid again.

reticulation #1 m2m

Looking for another word, besides “web” to describe these embroideries, I came across “reticulation.”  I like the sound of it, and the shades of meaning:  not just web, but network, structure, tangle, labyrinth, interconnection, patchwork, weave, fiber, maze.

reticulation #2 close up m2m

Genesis, continuity, return.  Our journey always includes reticulation.  Each web a singular, yet ephemeral, creation, like all the connections that make up a life.

reticulation #2 m2m

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4 responses to “Reticulation”

  1. Ann says :

    You’re right – these would make a fabulous patchwork!


  2. memadtwo says :

    The spiders work slowly too…these are absolutely wonderful! I’m inspired to do some drawing from them…maybe draw in a spider with a human face.


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