Guy Beckles: “ideas have motion”

shadow comp

“No man ever creates anything.  He simply re-arranges what is already here.” (Guy Beckles)

rat trap comp

The branch of the New York Public Library that I use most often is the Morningside Heights location.  They often have art exhibits, and the current one is a lot of fun.

second thoughts comp

The Trinidadian artist Guy Beckles calls his work Kinetic Art.  Kinetic:  from the Greek kinetikos, to move:  “characterized by movement”.  His animated sculptures certainly captivated library patrons from strollers well into adulthood as I was photographing them this week.  They initiated conversations between parents/caretakers and children, and between the children themselves.  Mr. Beckles says on his website that he hopes to draw people in so that they interact with his art, to both inspire ideas into action and produce smiles.  It seems to be working.

window s

Not all the sculptures fared equally well in my photos, but you can see them in motion by visiting the library, or on Mr. Beckles’ website in videos.  He also provides poetic commentary on individual works, which have great titles too.

reconstruction comp

And you can take classes with the artist:  learn how to translate your own ideas into your own Kinetic Art!

blind world comp

shadow boxs

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3 responses to “Guy Beckles: “ideas have motion””

  1. memadtwo says :

    Looks fantastic.


  2. H Schlagen says :

    Nce article, inspiring.


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