Nature 1989/2014

blk pencil comp 2

The assignment for my journal was to go outside and draw, again using the same subject in different media.  In 1989 I was in Arizona visiting my parents.  So I drew what was in their yard (of stones, not grass)–which was cactus.  In 2014, it’s autumn in New York, so what do I see in the natural world when I go out?  Lots and lots of leaves.

I think the pencil drawings both turned out OK, although I wrote “too timid” on my page in 1989.  As I’ve noted before, my drawing style has not really changed over the years.

watercolor leaves s

I was not an experienced watercolorist in 1989 either, and it shows.  But the abstraction of the cactus is kind of interesting.  I’ve been painting a lot more recently, plus I’m sure I just used one of those little paint boxes in 1989 instead of dyes or tubes, so the leaves are a lot more successful.  Still abstracted, though.

watercolor cactus s


I must have gotten tired by the time I got to the colored pencil cactus drawing in 1989.  The background is bizarre for one.  Although the cactus itself is not bad; I should have stopped there.

pencil comp

I did two versions of leaves, and this is the second, which I like better because it’s bolder.  Also I did the first one on the same day as the black pencil and watercolor versions and I definitely was tired.  I’m liking what I can do with colored pencils–these are different than the “in the news” drawings I’ve been doing, and I think I’ll explore some more with this layering of colors.

I have various configurations of family visiting for the next 10 days, so…Happy Thanksgiving, I’ll be back in December.

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One response to “Nature 1989/2014”

  1. memadtwo says :

    I don’t find the drawings timid in the least. Love the cactus painting even with the sky halfway finished.


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