Painting for a rainy day (Brenda Horowitz)

I fell in love with this painting in a Provincetown gallery about twenty five years ago. When we left P’Town I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I called the gallery and bought it. This painting is one of my favorites. To me it has all the elements of a great painting: color, texture, narrative. I love the houses peeking out of the crazy landscape on the left hand side. The dark blue sky finishes it as the eye moves upward. Brenda Horowitz studied with Hans Hofmann and I guess you’d consider her an American expressionist.


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One response to “Painting for a rainy day (Brenda Horowitz)”

  1. memadtwo says :

    I see the Hofmann influence. Beautiful colors, and the texture, as you pointed out, adds quite a bit. Good choice.


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