Main Street


        Main Street Paterson, New Jersey

Main Street
Paterson, New Jersey

Maps are something else I really love.  Nina has done house portraits for friends (; I’ve been working on some map portraits to give as holiday gifts.  I won’t post those right now, but in honor of our home states, New Jersey and New York, here are two from my sketchbook project of stitched maps called “Main Street”.

Main Street New York, New York

Main Street
New York, New York

Main Street is not the most common street name in the United States (that honor belongs to Second Street), but comes in a respectable seventh.  I typed “main street” and then a state name into google maps and got all kinds of interesting results.  It was fun to look at the different maps, which I then abstracted and resized to fit my artistic vision.  I traced them in color and stitched them.

inside back cover s

Many artists use maps as a point of reference, and many maps are beautiful pieces of art.  It’s a subject that generates no end of ideas for me.

contents open s

You can see the rest of my sketchbook project here:

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3 responses to “Main Street”

  1. cdog5 says :

    Love this! As a writer, I’m interested in maps, too. And so very interesting that Main Street is not the most common name — I would have thought it was, hand’s down! Anyway, thank you for a wonderful post! 🙂


    • memadtwo says :

      You’re welcome, and thanks for looking. Maps do seem to figure in a lot of books I read too. And always fun to have a map to go with a story. In fact my avatar on goodreads includes maps from Pooh Corner, Swallows and Amazons, Oz and Middle-earth.


  2. memadtwo says :

    Fantastic! I wonder where in Paterson this is. Great, great work.


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