Found objects

Today is a beautiful day. I went with Chris and a bunch of dogs to the power lines which is a great wide open area with little trails. I found two turtles, one a hollow shell and the other with the animal inside. There was a hawk circling around and the dogs all had a great time. I had some stuff at home, mainly some ripped up tire treads I found by the railroad tracks. I love picking stuff up, I don’t really know why except sometimes I derive inspiration from it. The turtles are especially beautiful. I’ll have to look up on YouTube how to remove a dead turtle from its shell. Anyway, this is a little assemblage. I will do a drawing from it later.

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One response to “Found objects”

  1. memadtwo says :

    We are on the same wavelength with turtles. That bottom shell in particular is beautiful…my next turtle exploration will definitely involve the shell.
    You definitely have a knack for finding and arranging these objects!


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