Part of an 800 year old Torah scroll

I clipped an article from the NYTimes on Volume II of the Norton Anthology of World Religions. This little segment of the Torah was pictured and I attempted to copy it in gouache resist. The writings do not offer unsustainable certainty, says the article. “The Book of Job finds no answer to the problem of human suffering, and Ecclesiastes dismisses human life as ‘utter futility'”.
I am Jewish, although I call myself the Jew without a clue. My family never affiliated with a synagogue (for financial reasons, I think) but I have always felt very Jewish nonetheless. When I saw the article I wanted to try to copy the old Hebrew letters in a painting. I may have to go back and rework this a bit because I washed away a little too much of the writing but overall I am pleased with the old look of it. I also washed away the ink too quickly so the two black borders I left didn’t really stay black. Sometimes you get too excited about something and patience goes out the window. Still, it was a good thing to do today.

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  1. memadtwo says :

    Both beautiful and mysterious.


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