Beach I Ching 9


              #47 K'un    Oppression (Exhaustion)

#47 K’un
Oppression (Exhaustion)

Also:  Boxed-In/Confined/Reaching One’s Limit/Distress/Out of Darkness/The Shadow

“The oppressiveness of Doubt exhausts our inner resources.” (Anthony)

“You feel the exhausting futility of life.” (Williams)

fist s

“Keep in mind that failure…is but one part of the inevitable cycle of life for those who dare to live fully and completely.” (

“We are all rooted in abysses and grow into the world.” (

“The answer lies beyond the realm of reason and logic.” (DeKorne)

47 center s

“When you go inward, you find something limitless and quite independent of human plans and changes, that doesn’t ask you to make sense of it.” (

“Your only chance for peace is to live life the way you want to….what you believe, you will be.” (Williams)

“Let us be inspired and ultimately accept and integrate what we encounter….inhaling, exhaling.” (

rainbow s

“The best thing about hitting rock bottom is that there is only one way to go.” (

“To endure hard times….it is essential…to tab that wellspring of human endurance:  hope.” (

i ching 9s #47

#47 in the I Ching inspires the most complex and varied interpretations that I’ve seen so far.

Sometimes there’s a drought:  the world lies heavy upon us.  It’s easy to get stuck in that place.

As we approach a new year, we long to do it hopefully, optimistically, gladly.

I’m amazed at how often the Beach I Ching I’m doing seems to be tuned into my state of mind at that particular time.  The words of commentary on “Oppression” give much to consider as I look towards 2015.

You can see the rest of the Beach I Ching series here:

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3 responses to “Beach I Ching 9”

  1. memadtwo says :

    This seems to be very tuned in to my state of mind also. Some things have happened lately which have made me very sad. My endurance is being tested. Somehow this post cheered me up considerably. Thank you!


  2. memadtwo says :

    Yes it helped me too…the I Ching knows.


  3. memadtwo says :

    Maybe I’ll have to start I Chinging.


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