Unfinished Project # 1

glove close up s

I’ve probably got 20 long-term projects in my office in varying stages of completion.  Some I’ve been working on for years.

One resolution I’ve made for 2015 is to finish some of them–one at a time–by working, at least a little, each day until it’s done.

#1 is cheating a bit, as I have hardly even started on it beyond the thinking stage.  But Nina and I have been talking about it for a few months already, and I think that counts.

glove s

We were inspired by “A Group Gathering”, British artists who do collaborative textile projects.  Their current task involves making art from gloves; each member was sent one glove, with the various pairs to be brought together and exhibited in 2015.  Nina and I decided to do our own shared pair.

I know Nina is already working on hers, and we plan to post them in early February…so…I better get to work!


PS:  This does NOT mean I won’t start anything new!!  I have too many ideas….

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3 responses to “Unfinished Project # 1”

  1. memadtwo says :

    I’ve only started it in my mind…and already I like yours better. I was planning on painting it in henna but I may try my hand at some stitching, what do you think?


  2. memadtwo says :

    I think painting is a good idea too. And henna is perfect. Maybe paint and then see what else it needs if anything. My theme is obviously eyes but I’m totally improvising. Hand of Hamas inspiration but not sure where it’s going yet.


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