hamsa bag comp

in a city
these waves

It would be nice to put a hand of protection over the entire world.  Who will protect us from ourselves?

eye glove

Killers shock.
How much left of it?
The waves are people.

handeye closed s

In the end,
by, and including,

Working on my unfinished glove project brought to mind past projects of hands and eyes.  The hamsa hand, which originated in the Middle East and North Africa, doesn’t always include eyes, but the double protection symbols add to the amulet’s defensive properties.  The open hand serves as a guardian, but also promises luck, and the eye adds a spiritual dimension as a gateway to the soul, as well as safeguarding against evil intent.

Haiku composed with help from the NY Times and haiku generator 9

You can see more of my “Handbook” sketchbook project here:

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  1. memadtwo says :

    BEautiful and inspiring.


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