Abstract Collage


I have a few journals that I use for collage–I’ve posted some of the ones from the landscape journal–and these are from the one containing abstracts.


I took a book out of the library about Karel Appel a few months ago, and was attracted to his dark paintings from the 50’s.  A lot of his work is colorful and childlike, and I have an affinity for those, but the abstract expressionist-flavored ones he did while hanging out in Paris with de Kooning and Pollack seemed ripe as inspiration for collage.

appel 2s

I didn’t make copies of the exact paintings I used as reference, but found plenty on the net that give a flavor of what he was doing at the time.  In echoing the work of someone I admire, these explorations always allow me to see color, space, and form in fresh ways.

appel 4s

For more about Karel Appel’s work:  http://www.karelappelfoundation.com/index.cfm/site/KarelAppel/pageid/587D151F-9A80-1B27-83DD7080A23F80D0/index.cfm

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  1. memadtwo says :

    I like these a lot. Please post some more.


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