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Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015

spock comp

“Change is the essential process of all existence.”  –Spock

Farewell to all that.
I was an alien.  Yet my
hand held earth’s light.

Thank you Chang Liu

I am glad Kerfe saves everything and posted the poetry month bookmark from her daughter’s school. At first I thought Chang Liu was a poet of some Chinese dynasty: such eloquence! Then I realized he or she was a third grader at the school.  I liked the poem so much I did a little version in a way I thought a third grader would do. There is a little sun coming out right now (7:30 AM) and it looks like a nice day. 

Recipe for Spring


recipe for spring

My daughter’s elementary school always celebrated National Poetry Month in a big way.  I came across this bookmark yesterday and thought it an appropriate sentiment for those of us looking forward to April for many reasons (including the poetry, of course!).

Daughter and dog revisited

I posted a little sketch last week of my daughter and her dog walking through the snowy tundra of Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Today I tried a little watercolor. I don’t really like leaving white paper showing but it’s snow. Any suggestions?

Invisible Eve 18

amber s


Dance and the world will
move with you, opening.  Look:
I can see outside.

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Spring is coming

Today the temperature is going up to 37 degrees so maybe I won’t wear my Uggs. I stuck this piece of tissue-paper decorated glass in the window to make me remember that our landscape here won’t be blindingly white for much longer, I hope. Someone predicted another blizzard in March but I hope that doesn’t happen. Everyone around here is yearning for the rebirth that is spring. 

Birds on Broadway

Rusty Blackbird by Taylor McKimens

Rusty Blackbird by Taylor McKimens

One day last fall I’m walking down Broadway and I see someone painting on one of those metal gates that come down over stores when closed.  It’s a bird…I think it’s a crow…cool!! A photographer with tripod is nearby.  An art project?

Wild Turkey by N. Soala

Wild Turkey by N. Soala

A few days later in the NY Times:  a photo of the bird, the painter, and an explanation.

Mallard by Graham Preston

Mallard by Graham Preston

After reading about the National Audubon Society’s “Birds and Climate Change Report”, Avi Gitler, Hamilton Heights gallery owner (Gitler &_____ Gallery), was inspired to commission a series of murals depicting some of Audubon’s birds.

Bald Eagle by Peter Daverington

Bald Eagle by Peter Daverington

Painted on security gates and buildings on the west side of Broadway between 149th and 150th streets, they add life and color to the neighborhood, as well as hopefully increasing awareness of how climate change is reducing and altering habitats for birds (and–once again I might add–for humans).

Tundra Swan by Boy Kong

Tundra Swan by Boy Kong

It is also a fitting tribute to John James Audubon, the bird artist, who once lived in the area, and is buried in Trinity Cemetery.

Audubon with Cerulean Warbler by Tom Sanford

Audubon with Cerulean Warbler by Tom Sanford

Common Loon by Kristian Glynn

Common Loon by Kristian Glynn

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Rusty Blackbird #2

Rusty Blackbird #2

Personalized birthday card

I made a card for our landlord and friend, Dr. G. He’s a lovely guy and very talented; happy birthday, Dr. G.


craypas tulips 2s

Once again I attempt flowers.  Tulips this time.

tulips old and new

I’ve done them in years past;  on the right, from 20 years ago as part of a bouquet.  On the left:  last week.  I think I’m doing better now.

pencil tulips comp

As usual, with my left and right hands.

pencil tulips 2015 s

I also tried a close up with more detail

pen and ink tulips s

and pen and ink.

petal butterfly 1s

There’s a short window of opportunity with these flowers before the petals open up and then fall off.

petal butterfly 2s

And this is why I never get anything done…(these petals are beautiful…what can I do with them?…a butterfly!…let me take a photo…now it needs a background…more photos…)

painted tulips s

and I tried a watercolor too.

Zen Doodle

Someone on WordPress mentioned Zen doodling (or Zentangle). There are actually a few books on it! To me, it’s just doodling. Here’s an attempt done on the iPad ArtSet app. Kind of fun, huh?