boots comp s

Onedrawingdaily has been encouraging us all to follow his lead and draw every day (  That was my intention with my new pencils and sketchbook when Nina and I began this blog (  I have been drawing a lot more but–I confess–not every day.

boots 3s

I decided to try to spare at least 15 minutes each day and draw the same thing for a week.  I pulled out all my old drawing class tricks:  don’t pick the pencil up off the paper,

boots continuous s

don’t look at the paper while drawing,

boots don't look s

draw with your left (or non-dominant) hand.  That’s the drawing at the top on the right.

These are not masterpieces by any means, but I’ll repeat once again what one of my drawing teachers told me (after “draw draw draw”).  You do 100 drawings and throw 99 out–but the 100th!  So…95 to go before I start to worry.

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6 responses to “Boots”

  1. Nicola says :

    I really like these. I think the non-dominant hand drawing is my favourite


  2. kirkistan says :

    Great exercise. I’m going to try that. The boots turned out well.


  3. createarteveryday says :

    I think the top two look fantastic. You have nothing to worry about. 🙂


  4. memadtwo says :

    Thanks. I think it’s valuable to draw the same thing a few times. I forgot how much fun it is to draw without looking at the paper too. Always interesting results.


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