Endangered Species


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On June 9, 2014, I started the “Endangered Species” series.  As I wrote then: “I saw a book in the library about endangered species, and took it out, because I thought the photos would be interesting references for artwork.  The first animal in the book is the elephant.”  I had been wanting to paint, and this was my first attempt to do so in many many years.

I’ve done 29 posts on the subject since then, mostly painted, but also collaged, drawn, and printed.  Like Nina, I decided to look back and gather it all together to see where I’ve been and what has developed in the last 7 months of work.

First thing, I can say I’ve learned a lot.  You can’t be alive now and not realize that there are endangered species, but to actually read numbers and see photos that reflect the vast hole into which we humans have dug ourselves with our thoughtless treatment of the earth and the web of life it contains is both powerful and distressing.  Wake up world!

As to the art:
–I definitely have an affinity for leopards, tigers, and jaguars.
–I think the painting is up and down.  I’m not sure “progress” applies, but it has definitely improved my drawing.
–The recent cat paintings are done on very small paper, which makes me use a smaller brush and work more tightly in general.  Normally I like a large piece of paper to work on, even if the final result doesn’t fill the entire page.  But it’s an interesting exercise; perhaps I’ll relax as I do more of them.  And then what will happen when I move back to a larger working space?
–One of my favorites of all these is the blue whale.  Where did it come from?  I’ve done nothing like it before or since.
–After doing the spider in a block print workshop, I was going to do more printing.  I actually bought a linoleum block, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten with it.

Sadly, there is an endless supply of endangered species, so the series will definitely continue.  To see the individual posts for the photos above you can look here: https://methodtwomadness.wordpress.com/category/painting/endangered-species/



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6 responses to “Endangered Species”

  1. mycreativeresolution2014 says :

    Wow! What an impressive body of work! I love the sea turtle and the sky behind the penguin. It’s great to see it all together. You must feel so accomplished!


    • memadtwo says :

      Thanks…I was surprised myself after putting it all together how much I’ve done. Nina and I needed a push to get back to regular work, and the blog has succeeded. That includes not just us, but the community work and feedback as well.

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  2. fred6emil says :

    We are used to thinking only of animals as endangered species. It is time we consider HUMANS as endangered species. Yes, human populations are still growing. But in the last century we managed to violently kill more than 100 million of our fellow-humans, and hanging over us are the existence of thousands of available nuclear weapons, to mention just a few of the severe dangers that exist and could well lead to our human species destroying ourselves. My response is that we desperately need a far more viable science about human life in Social Space. I have tried to help jump-start such a science — http://www.questforeffectiveliving.com and http://www.livinginsocialspace.com It is not the last word! I hope others will improve on it.


  3. memadtwo says :

    Kerfe, a selection of these would make such a great textile or wallpaper. Pick a few and let’s collaborate on that! A throwback!


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