Channeling Louise Nevelson

          hers and mine

hers and mine

“But when I fell in love with black, it contained all color.  It wasn’t a negation of color.  It was an acceptance.  Because black encompasses all colors.” –Louise Nevelson

The NY Times has a bad habit of reviewing art shows right before they close.  Two weeks ago on Friday, they reviewed a Louise Nevelson show in Chelsea that was closing the next day.

nevelson 2s

On the spur of the moment, on Saturday, I decided to go see it, especially to see the collages.

nevelson 3s

Keeping to a neutral palette, the artist used cardboard, paper, wood, metal, and other objects to make dimensional and evocative abstracts.

nevelson 7s

She painted and arrange pieces of wood, a favorite medium.

nevelson 5s

And there were of course a few of the sculptural, all-black pieces Nevelson is justly famous for.

nevelson 4s

Although I’ve long thought about doing a group of all or mostly black collages, the right-hand collage in the top photo of this post is actually the base for a collage I’m doing which is inspired by a show of Dubuffet drawings I saw at MOMA.  He too likes texture and neutral shades (more on that when I finish the collage).  But I thought it was an appropriate accompaniment at this stage for Nevelson’s wonderful work.


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3 responses to “Channeling Louise Nevelson”

  1. memadtwo says :

    Please call me on a Saturday if you’re going out on the spur of the movement! I would have loved to meet you. Thursdays have been kind of hectic lately, will fill you in later.


    • memadtwo says :

      Absolutely! It really was just “OK I’m going to do it”. Caroline is home this week and we haven’t managed to make it anywhere…(except the dentist and to visit our friend recovering from being hit by an SUV). OK, we went to a Devils game Sunday with Jeanne and Guy. But that was planned weeks in advance.


  2. memadtwo says :

    No pressure my love! I almost hit a grandpa and kid yesterday coming out of my driveway…so scary. I thanked the powers that be (again) for guarding my stupidity. Going on Amazon to get a back-up camera for my car; pro-active is my middle name.


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