Cross Stitch Grid

cross stitch mandala s

I’ve been looking at the photos I have of old work and taking fresh photos of some of them.  When I pulled this textile piece out, I was amazed first at how much larger it was than I remembered it…18″ square.  I hadn’t remembered that I put a sleeve on the top back so I could hang it either.  I did this at least 5 years ago when I thinking a lot about grid-based  art.  I had some gingham fabric and I took one of my colored pencil grid experiments and tried to recreate the effects of crossing colors.  Then I put batting and a backing and lightly quilted a couple squares to give it more texture.

cross stitch mandala close up s

Like so much I do, it was an idea I had, but I never did anything else to develop the idea further.  I like it though; I found a hanger and put it on the wall to remind me to think about it at least, as I seem to be back to doing some grids.

cross stitch mandala blk grnd s

I did photos on both black and white, but the white shows the true colors much better.

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4 responses to “Cross Stitch Grid”

  1. createarteveryday says :

    Wow, that’s really a unique piece, there. What an interesting idea, and I love the look! Really nice. Love the colors, too. This is neat.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. memadtwo says :

    I would love a queen-sized quilt made out of these. So good. You’re a veritable fiber genius.


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