Invisible Eve 20

rhonda hands s


hands together:  that
is my wish forever as
we spend long hours alone

rhonda 2s

my love can’t erase
the choices that are contained
in the word “goodbye”

rhonda 1s

Once again I did multiple versions of this family.  And once again, none of the attempts fully satisfied, although I like the intertwined hands a lot.  I used a very hard pencil I found in my pencil bin, and it’s really good for fine detail.  I’m still having trouble working out the relationships and proportions of the different family members, but I’ve decided to stop complaining and talk about what I like and what I learned from each one.

I liked exploring the relationships of the hands, which is, like drawing family groups, different from just drawing one hand.  The first family group, above, was the most successful overall, I thought.  Even though the proportions are still not quite right, I like how the figures work together.  I used a softer pencil here, which allows for more contrast.

I used an crayon pencil for my looser, first, attempt.  No real resemblance to the actual people, but it has a sculptural quality that gives the figures dignity.

rhonda upside down s

And this final drawing was done from a suggestion by Dumb Sketch Daily (whose sketches are definitely not dumb):  he turned his reference upside down to better explore the negative space.  ( )  It’s a good idea and I’m going to do it again.  Although Rhonda, in particular, is a bit distorted and the whole image is kind of like a reflection in a funhouse mirror, it’s a really good way to look at the shapes and shadows and how they relate to each other.

You can see all of the Invisible Eve series here:

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6 responses to “Invisible Eve 20”

  1. createarteveryday says :

    Love the arms! Definitely looks like a challenge you’ve taken on here.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kirkistan says :

    I like these very much.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. memadtwo says :

    The upside down drawing is interesting. I think I’ll try it.


  4. tequihby says :

    The intertwined hands are really great. I love the effect and they are beautifully drawn. I can definitely see a progression on the faces too.

    Liked by 1 person

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