Ekphrastic Tuesday – I’m Dancing As Fast As I Can – Schapiro

For our spring collaboration, Marcy Erb and I did our collage and poetry commentaries on the paintings we chose independently, and I was looking forward to seeing how they played off each other. This is perfect! Her visual angle is different from mine, and yet the same spirit links them. Thanks, Marcy!

Illustrated Poetry

im dancing as fast as i can s

It is my great pleasure to present the first of two posts featuring the spring collaboration between Ms. Kerfe Roig and myself. We’ve collaborated before on art and poetry (for examples, I recommend this one and this one), and for those we used the poems as the starting point. For this one Ms. Roig suggested we start with the art and each create a piece inspired by it. We began with Miriam Schapiro’s amazing and dynamic painting “I’m Dancing as Fast As I Can” – please click here! to see the painting.

Above is Ms. Roig’s gorgeous collage and below is my poem – both inspired by Ms. Schapiro’s contemporary cubist classic. Enjoy!

Yellow Dancer on the Train

A train went by

as we waited in the near dawn

and a yellow triumph flew by

as an ad for an art show

glued to the side

I recall a painting

I saw many…

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3 responses to “Ekphrastic Tuesday – I’m Dancing As Fast As I Can – Schapiro”

  1. memadtwo says :

    One of your best collages with so many elements, textures, surprises…really great. And a great collaboration.


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