A Visit to the Retinal Specialist

I accompanied my husband to Dr. Higgins’ office. There my husband had a series of tests including a fluorescein angiogram. They injected him with a substance that would course through his veins and show the veins in the eye clearly. It was so beautiful. Here is my drawing of it:

And here is the actual angiogram:

The veins come from the ophthalmic arteries derived from the internal carotid artery. To me it looked like a beautiful leaf and once again I pondered upon what miracles we are. The doctor gave my husband a shot on the eye so quickly; he was a real pro and my husband was a champ. He’s glad it’s (mostly) over although it did bring up some other issues.

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7 responses to “A Visit to the Retinal Specialist”

  1. Sunshine Jansen says :

    Ye gods, earlier when I read that “needle in the eye” fear, I shuddered — my deepest worst phobia ever. Amazing the bravery we muster when the alternative is worse to imagine. Hoping those issues will be managed with the same aplomb… 🙂 And I agree, I can’t look at these kind of images and not find their beauty, and relationships to other patterns in nature.


  2. memadtwo says :

    Really beautiful. Nature has many mandalas.
    And I’m glad Howard managed it OK.


  3. tequihby says :

    This certainly is beautiful. It’s always fascinating to get a more in depth look into our own bodies. It really gives you a new perspective on the world.


  4. Melba Christie at Poemattic says :

    My sister recently had the same procedure. We are a miracle. The eyes are miracles in and of themselves. Artists are able to capture the moments that count. Your drawings are great. I hope all is well.


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