Play Ball!

ball sketch 11s

Saturday my Yankee fan daughter treated her sister and me to an afternoon and evening at Old Timer’s Day.  I’ve been to Old Timer’s Day several times before, and it’s a fun but long day at the ball park, so I thought to take my little sketchbook and markers.  The seats were in the outfield down the third base line, up at the top, which turned out to be good because it was under cover and it drizzled on and off pretty much the whole time.  Also, it offered a pretty good view of all of the players.  They were tiny, but so was my sketchbook.

ball sketch comp 1

I began just drawing random players.  They move around a lot, even when waiting for something to happen.

ball sketch comp 2

The pitchers are particularly difficult.

ball sketch comp 3

Gradually I focused on the batters.  Their stance is similar for each pitch, so I just waited for them to get ready in the batter’s box and drew a bit while they waited for the pitcher to throw.  Of course if they made contact on the first or second pitch I didn’t get much of a drawing…

ball sketch comp 4

I think my drawing improved as the day wore on.  There was a large chunk in the middle where I just watched the game, but it was a high-scoring and (as usual) long evening in Yankee Stadium, so the sketchbook came out again for the final innings.  And both daughters were happy:  the Yankees looked good and won (older one) and all the former Diamondbacks (Gregorius, Drew, and Young) played and acquitted themselves well for the Diamondbacks fan (younger one).

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9 responses to “Play Ball!”

  1. Sand Salt Moon says :

    Lots of good studies in the players’ postures and movements. Great job and sounds like an exciting game. Glad you and the grands had fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kirkistan says :

    These are great! You’ve captured some nuance in movement.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. createarteveryday says :

    This is hard to do, even when you’re watching them on TV!!! Your sketches are totally amazing. Seriously, this is awesome. First the airport, and now this. Woo! 😀 Rock and roll, lady!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Scribble Fiend says :

    Awesome little sketches! Sounds like a perfect place to bring a sketchbook.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. tequihby says :

    These are wonderful! So many great gestures. You really captured the motions well with these.


  6. memadtwo says :

    Very nice job, I like all of them!


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