Life is but a Dream

I’ve been working on this one for a few days. Another stream of consciousness type of painting where I just go for it a little at a time, thinking what color would go next. The form on the left reminds me of a rainbow seed pod. The rest of he shapes are just shapes. As Kerfe always tells me, just do it. Trying to keep something going over the few days it takes to finish and I’m not really sure this one is (finished). 

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4 responses to “Life is but a Dream”

  1. memadtwo says :

    Definitely something flowing here. Good title!


  2. Laura (Createarteveryday) says :

    I see an elephant’s trunk and ear. I really like the rainbow. This would be a good exercise to do.


  3. Melba Christie at Poemattic says :

    There is something about this painting that inspires me to dip into a pool or some stream. Make it grow. I agree with Kerfe. You could go larger. Go for it.


  4. cindy knoke says :

    love this! most intriguing~


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