Junk Mail Art

junk mail 1 comp

Inspired by Claudia McGill and Her Art World (https://claudiamcgillart.wordpress.com/), I decided to repurpose some of the post cards I receive through the mailslot hawking various things into art rather than just tossing them in the paper recycling bag.  You would not believe how many people want to sell me insurance…

She paints on hers, and sometimes does great surrealistic poetry too, but collage was what first came to mind for me (she does great collages and paint/collage combinations as well).  I decided to do some masks, and then I used the leftover pieces of paper to make abstracts on other cards.

junk mail comp 2

The red and black mask is just a composite made from mask sketches I had, but the second striped mask is a direct reference to a great knitted mask I saw a few months ago at the Museum of American Folk Art (http://folkartmuseum.org/exhibitions/when-the-curtain-never-comes-down/).  The artist, Deborah Berger, was a knitting prodigy, and she has many items housed in the collection of the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore (http://www.avam.org/), a place of wonder in itself–if you’re ever in Baltimore, visit!  As a knitter, I was fascinated by her creativity.

stripe man comp

At the time, I just made a pencil sketch as no photography was allowed, and I came home and made a collage mask from my sketch and what I remembered.  Memory is obviously a tricky thing!  Recently I found a photo of the mask accompanying an article about the exhibit, so I had the real thing to use for my junk mail collage.  I simplified it slightly, but it’s a pretty direct homage.  It does give me ideas for other things, as everything seems to do.  I like the stripey face.

I saw that Nina asked Claudia’s permission to steal her stick lady idea.  I did think of Nina and what she likes to do when I saw that post.  I didn’t actually ask for permission, but I did remark that the repurposed postcards were a good idea…hope you don’t mind Claudia.  And keep those inspirations coming!!


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10 responses to “Junk Mail Art”

  1. Nicola says :

    These are so much fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. memadtwo says :

    Claudia is extremely generous and as an art teacher once said, “steal from your neighbor…there is nothing new under the sun”. These are great, Kerfe. Great use of junk mail.


  3. Marcy Erb says :

    Best use of junk mail I’ve ever seen! Thank you for introducing us to Ms. Berger as well!


    • memadtwo says :

      Yes Claudia is full of great ideas, isn’t she? As I recall I found her through one of your posts. I was really excited about a lot of the artists in that exhibit (one man covered a piece of cloth with stitched names beginning with the letter “A” for one), but this mask by Deborah Berger really stood out.


  4. Laura (Createarteveryday) says :

    Woo, these are all very cool! Love them! And even better that they were made from junk mail. Trash to treasure is 💜💜💜👍🎨🙀

    Liked by 1 person

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