Experiment #2

An abstract that started out as a map of the United States and went crazy. I watched some YouTube videos about using Frisket which were interesting but technical (I’m not very technical art wise). I don’t sketch watercolor paintings but that’s apparently what you do to use the mask for highlights. Still I like the bright whites you get when you protect them. One video suggested using a ruling pen which I hope never to use again (remember, Kerfe? You used those a lot for your stripes?).  

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4 responses to “Experiment #2”

  1. Lola says :

    Gorgeous colors, beautiful design. 🙂


  2. memadtwo says :

    Oh those ruling pens were awful. You are right, never again.
    But why would you want to use a ruling pen to do art anyway? Your experiment is wonderful, fresh and lively. Keep going!


  3. Sunshine Jansen says :

    Actually, this looks EXACTLY like my conception of America. 😉 I agree with Kerfe that these experiments are full of life: rock on!

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  4. memadtwo says :

    The guy on YouTube said to use a ruling pen to get really straight lines for a technical piece, for instance. But since I’m never going to do a technical piece, it’s a moot point. So thanks, everyone, for the encouragement!


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