One Day


one day 1s

Counting (after Robert Creeley)

They begin with one.
But what if on a different day
we started.  Not after,

but before.  Another
opening even more perfect
than something.  If they

saw emptiness, nothing at all?
Anything would fit.

Robert Creeley was a member of the Black Mountain poets, known for his spare and concise observations:

One day after another–
They all fit.

My poem “Counting” takes Creeley’s poem “One Day” and uses the words in it as the last words to each line of a new and different poem.  This method of composition was invented by poet Terrance Hayes.  He call it Golden Shovel.  I wrote the poem as a response to a prompt from Atomic Poetry and it is published in the first Atomic Poetry volume here:

Enso is a calligraphic circle made with one stroke.  This symbolic sphere encompasses everything, and also nothing.


Golden Shovel: Poetic Form

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3 responses to “One Day”

  1. artandmoondreams says :

    Love love love! The drawing first registered as an enso, but then I wondered if it was a peach in a Zen calligraphy style…either way it is beautifully paired with the words and both symbols work in my head, infinity and immortality. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • memadtwo says :

      Thanks, it’s my first try at enso, but I thought it was so appropriate to the poem…actually both poems. And to take time and center before starting to work, that’s a good exercise for me too.


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