Great Falls, Paterson, NJ

In 1792 Alexander Hamilton formed an investment group called the Society of Useful Manufactures. The funds would later be used to develop a planned industrial city in the US that was later to become Paterson.

The industries were powered by the 77 foot high Great Falls and a system of water raceways that harnessed the power of the falls. The area had dozens of textile mills and later on firearms, silk and railroad locomotive industries.

My home town sadly has fallen on hard times with virtually no more industries centered around the falls. The Great Falls recently was named a national park. It deserves that status as it is a wonderful place to visit. I offer my little rendition of the site today.


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One response to “Great Falls, Paterson, NJ”

  1. memadtwo says :

    All those textile towns…we could use those jobs now. Good news that it’s a National Park though. This is a good postcard-like view.


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