Lunch with Kerfe Part 2

First watercolor in my new Moleskine album. I took a nice photo of Kerfe and attempted a portrait. There was a reflection of light off her glasses and I tried to catch it with some silver paint. I thought of using two tiny pieces of Saran Wrap. Any ideas on how to paint glasses on a face? This doesn’t really look like Kerfe but it’s kind of pleasing to me anyhow. 

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11 responses to “Lunch with Kerfe Part 2”

  1. kirkistan says :

    Nice job, Nina.


  2. memadtwo says :

    This has a really nice feeling to it…not sure it “looks” like me, but I’ll claim it anyway!


  3. Rebecca says :

    Hmm, reflections on glasses are always tricky! You could try leaving a little white space where the reflection was – masking fluid might help with that. You just paint it on where you want white space, wait for it to dry, then paint or colour over. Finally, peel off the masking fluid when you’re done with the paint to reveal the bright highlights. Whether or not you think this picture actually ‘looks’ like Kerfe, your portrait does have an appealing quality, and I think you’ve captured a sensitive expression.


  4. Laura (Createarteveryday) says :

    I agree with Rebecca, lots of personality and happiness in this painting, Nina. I’m glad you shared it with us! I still haven’t even tried a watercolor portrait. Kudos to you!


  5. smallestforest says :

    I’m just learning this stuff, too, but have noticed that, when painting glossy, shiny surfaces like glass or polished metal, the difference between dark and light areas are much more marked and “contrasty”. A clean, sharply delineated shape of pure white, using masking fluid as Rebecca suggested, usually captures the feeling of glass best. explains it better than I do…


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