Every night we watch the news and every night there is more news of thousands of humans fleeing their countries into Europe. The photographs of these people, so many with little children, breaks my heart. Coming over water in boats, walking, getting on trains, exhausted, walking some more: all in the hope of a better life. 


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7 responses to “Refugees”

  1. Sharon Mann says :

    It is very hard to imagine being uprooted and losing everything, plus moving to a new country. Thanks for your post.

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  2. memadtwo says :

    Yes, stop calling them aliens. They are as much of this world as any “native”. Why can’t we make the world a safe place for all? You have really captured the despair.


  3. kirkistan says :

    Thank you for this, Nina. You image captures some of the heartbreak.


  4. Melba Christie at Poemattic says :

    Desperate measures for desperate times. Excellent interpretation. Many of my former students lived through such agony but did survive.


  5. geokalpataru says :

    unfortunately it is getting worse day by day.i happened to witness many desperate people trying to settle down in three greek islands(they are now unofficial points of entry) seems that no nation really wants to accept them..they do however go and bomb their countries or they happily sell them weapons.. EU (and greek policy)towards refugees really does suck-thank you for this post


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