Underside of a Turtle

I took apart the turtle I found and the object in the center is his underside or undershell. My husband didn’t get this piece at all. That’s why I wrote under it. Kerfe gave me a book of skeletons which I like a lot; I attempted a drawing of a turtle skeleton on the right. On the left is a drawing of the underside. 

Close up of my drawing: 

The wonderful book of skeletons. It has just about everything in it. A gift that keeps on giving. Thanks Kerfe.  



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21 responses to “Underside of a Turtle”

  1. Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash) says :

    I love this piece Nina!! Sooo cool! And what a great book from Kerfe! 😃


  2. Sand Salt Moon says :

    Nina, you are a natural science artist for sure now. After having eaten hard shell crabs this past week, I find similarities with the underside of the turtle and the underside of the crab. Interesting – and good gift from Kerfe for you!


  3. Teresa Robeson says :

    I think we would have gotten your work of art even without the writing! 🙂 It’s funky and well-drawn! I think I need that book on skeletons, too!


  4. Jodi says :

    Cool piece Nina!


  5. Sharon Mann says :

    What a cool drawing. I’m going to check out the book! Thanks Nina.


  6. kirkistan says :

    That is great, Nina. I like seeing all the organization.


  7. Claudia McGill says :

    When I had my broken foot I had a bone scan, not just of the foot but of my whole body. I have seen my very own skeleton and it is an unsettling experience to think that it wasn’t just a skeleton but MINE and how I’ll look when I’m – a skeleton. But in another way, it was comforting. I exist, there is the evidence! And – very intriguing to envision yourself in a stage of existence you will not see, yourself.

    I like skeletons, too, you can see.


  8. Scribble Fiend says :

    Drawing bones & skeletons is a lot of fun! Your drawing is really cool!


  9. memadtwo says :

    Thanks very much!


  10. cavepainter says :

    I like the way it seems like a scientific investigation of the turtle. 🙂


  11. memadtwo says :

    You knew I would love this. The delicate yellow and blue greens really add a lot too. Look great with the black and white.


  12. artandmoondreams says :

    Very cool and a 3D piece too…nice.


  13. Laura (Createarteveryday) says :

    Nice work – I agree with C – you’re a natural with this!!


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