new 7 station mosaic s me anyway.  I finally got two places in the city I’ve been meaning to go.  Above is the beautiful mosaic ceiling in the new #7 subway station on the far west side of Manhattan.  Designed by Xenobia Bailey, a master fiber artist who loves color and pattern, it’s a wonderful way to exit from underground.

motley playground s

And I finally made it to the new Whitney Museum, which moved from the Upper East Side to a location at the beginning of the Highline in the Meatpacking District.  The building has great views of the river with a lot of outdoor space with sculpture and seating, and the exhibit space has a more open feel.  But it didn’t seem to me there was that much more overall room to show their collection, which I though was one of the goals of the new building.

motley grandmother s

In any case, their art is always worth seeing.  Archibald Motley, an African American artist who was part of the Harlem Renaissance, has a delightful retrospective.  His scenes of everyday life are colorful and full of period details, but I was especially taken with his portraits.  That’s his grandmother, above.  And a self portrait, below.

archibald motley self portrait s

One of the last paintings he completed is the haunting “The First One Hundred Years”, a history of African Americans in the United States.

The first 100 years_motley s

The blockbuster show is Frank Stella, and it is hard to see how these mostly huge works could have been shown in the old museum.  A fashion shoot was in progress when I visited, using some of his paintings as a foil.

stella fashion shoot s

I was not familiar with these large and sometimes painted wooden wall pieces, and I took photos of quite a few of them.

wood sculpture comp

I liked this fun and colorful piece.

stella bright sculpture s

But of course the shape and color explorations of the geometric paintings will always be my favorites.   This one is an homage to Jasper Johns, who said when he painted in color he always saw grey, and in fact did many paintings in both color and grey.

stella squares s

The Whitney owns a vast and wonderful collection of American art, and I took some photos of the permanent collection as well.  For a future post.

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11 responses to “New”

  1. Jodi says :

    Thanks for the virtual tour! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sand Salt Moon says :

    You are so lucky to be in the vicinity to visit these fine works ~ and Stella has been front and center on social media last week, so very timely indeed. Cool that you were there during that fashion shoot, and of course the shape and color of geometric patterns, Kerfe. Amazing array of interesting art and thanks for also providing the links for following up.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Teresa Robeson says :

    This was the next best thing to being there myself! And thank you for introducing us to artists I’d not heard of before. Love that ceiling art, too!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. memadtwo says :

    Can’t believe I haven’t been to the Whitney yet–my old employer. They have a great permanent collection and I’m sad to hear most of it is not displayed. Great virtual tour! Hope to see you soon, heading to Florida Thursday for a family wedding.


  5. kirkistan says :

    Kerfe, That is great stuff. I love seeing your explorations of the city. By the way, I think i accidently lost your comment on my blog today. Apologies. But you are right I need to do the matching portrait for the lower one.

    Liked by 1 person

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