Callinectes sapidis

Callinectes is Greek for “beautiful swimmer” and sapidus is Latin meaning “tasty” or “savory”.  Blue crabs are found down the Atlantic Coast from Nova Scotia to Argentina but I haven’t seen them on any menu here in Sarasota.

My husband spotted the cards I’ve been drawing from. They are by Emily S. Damstra, a freelance science illustrator with a Master of Fine Arts degree in science illustration. I haven’t found colored pencils down here but her card with its subtle coloring is beautiful.

No sun yet but a man in a kilt told me there’s a Renaissance Fair today. I’ve never been to one and my husband thought it sounded fun. Will report back later.


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8 responses to “Callinectes sapidis”

  1. Teresa Robeson says :

    That is a very lovely crab painting! Blue crabs are one of the few things I miss about living on the East Coast. We used to pick crabs all the time (steamed with Old Bay Seasoning). In particular, we loved going to a little place called Sambo’s near Smyrna, Delaware. Fun times with my now deceased in-laws. 🙂


  2. kirkistan says :

    I love that image! Looking forward to your report on the Renaissance fair.


  3. Jodi says :

    beautiful blue crab!


  4. memadtwo says :

    She’s a wonderful illustrator. Inspiring.


  5. artandmoondreams says :

    Beautiful image. Love that a man in a kilt told you about a fair…intriguing ;D


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