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Landscape 12/31/15

Here are a couple of close ups.  

I was trying to paint bugs flying into the sun. Why not?

Happy New Year!

Headline Haiku: A Wish For the World

war is over s

Can you imagine?
A New Year, the earth reborn:
peaceful, hopeful, free.

Hopeful headline by John and Yoko ( from the Sunday New York Times.

war is over full s

Haiku channeling John Lennon’s words.
Embroidered flower of life mandala by me.

Birch paper painting. 

Kerfe sent me a bundle of birch bark “paper”, I believe it may be used in cooking as well. A fun surface to paint on. 

Couple of close-ups. The bark pattern carried the painting along.  


Landscape 12/29

Working bigger: Arches cold pressed 12 by 16 inch paper. 

Shark on Slate

A found piece of slate which might break at any time. Art is ephemeral. 

And a small fish on slate.  


Wheel of Fortune

wheel of fortune card s


faith:  universe
what goes around:  wheel
change is certain:  fortune

opportunity:  fortune
eternal surprise:  universe
transformation riddle karma:  wheel

the wheel rotating the wings of fortune of shadow descending ascending:  universe

When Marcy Erb posted her Tower bird tarot card, it reminded me that when she had previously posted the Wheel of Fortune, I meant to look for the one I had done long ago.  So I finally did.

I produced this Photoshop Wheel of Fortune when computers were toys, not necessities.  A friend who was a graphic designer sold me her old computer, complete with graphic programs.  I took a Photoshop class and had fun experimenting until all of a sudden I had lots of paying work and little playing time, and then the computer died.  I lost the thread of what I had been doing, but it’s fun to think about where the ideas might have gone had circumstances been different.

And the poem…perhaps a tritina.  At the very least, a nonet with a coda.

I’m taking a break until 2016.  Happy New Year to one and all!

Last batch of cards for 2015?

Doing the big batch of cards with mostly leftover paint on black paper is so much fun. Each batch makes twelve cards so I have a pretty good supply going. Here’s another completed page. 

Page of little paintings: 

Cut up into squares: 


Peaceful Landscape

And best wishes for a peaceful and Merry Christmas to our friends at WordPress. Hoping for a creative and productive 2016. 

Three Hills

I held myself back from going into this with the black line like I usually do. Another one using the earth colored paints and some green and silver gouache.