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Must Be…

must be santa v 2s


Who comes? Must be red.
Must be big red.  Laughs.  Must be
very soon.  Ho.  He.  Ha.

Ever since Dylan released his goofy “Must Be Santa” video, my daughters have been threatening to gift me with the album it came from, “Christmas in the Heart”. Perhaps this is the year I’ll find it under the tree…

The “Must Be Bob” haiku is a found poem, from selected words in the “Must Be Santa” song.

And Nina pointed out that I didn’t name the songwriters (Dylan did not write this):  Bill Fredericks and Hal Moore.  Mitch Miller recorded the original version of the song in 1960, and it’s evidently based on an old drinking song.

Color and Shape

Another small painting done with some paints I recently acquired. The paints are water based and erasable. Yesterday’s landscape also used them. 

I tried to abstain from going in with the black line; I just did a little bit. And a little colored pencil. Here are the paints. They came on a cork base and are quite nice.  


Junk Mail Art 8: Guess What?

guess what s

“It is all improvisation.”

But you knew that already.


Inspired by Nina’s Neon Lady

You can see more junk mail art here.

#5 continued

In a different color way. 


See it there at the top? A murmuration of birds flying out of the trees. Not too happy with the moon in this as it resembles a ghost. May have to rework it. 

The Mitchell Thread Continues…#5

Mitchell series #5s

I switched to Neocolors for this one.  Laura at CreateArtEveryday suggested I try some more abstract drawings with them, and I enjoyed the freedom of the crayon-like scribbling of childhood.  I may go back to collage for the next one, but let’s see where Nina goes with it first.


mitchell version 3s


after joan mitchell (trees) s

More Cards

Little mandalas done on black paper. I thought they would look good on a white card. 

Pretty easy and fun to do a whole sheet of them and then cut them up.  

Getting pretty chilly here in NJ. Have a great day. 

Lost in Space

expanding silence s

at the center:  light
reflecting backward into
expanding silence

inspired by Jane Dougherty’s NASA photo

Mixtape: Oldies (K) and New Goodies (N)

I’ve already seen Kerfe’s great interpretation of my old poem written around 1970. I hope she likes what I’ve done with hers. 

This post is interesting to me. I have interpreted Kerfe’s poem literally; Kerfe’s interpretation is more cerebral. This really shows our personalities, I think. Kerfe is the philosopher in this duo and I am, oh what am I? Everywoman? I don’t write poetry anymore but Kerfe made it look so good maybe I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the beautiful piece, Kerfe!